PurAiRx PUR 403H Replacement UV Bulbs TFH-16/5

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Product Description


PuraireX PUR 403H 

16 inch and 5 inch Replace Bulb Set for PuraireX PUR 403H UV Air Purifier PuraireX PUR 403H 

16/5 Replacement UV Bulb Set for the PuraireX PUR 403H  UV Bulb  and  PuraireX PUR 403H  lamps
Bulb set contains:
1- 16" Germicidal H-Lamp replacement for LSK36
1- 5" Ozone Replacement Lamp

These replacement lamps are designed to fit the PuraireX PUR 403H  UV Systems Model .
PuraireX PUR 403H 

EPA Estblishment Number 96244-CA-1