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Introducing the Pristine Air UV Light Replacement Bulbs & Lamps from! Experience the ultimate in air purification with these meticulously formulated replacements. Crafted with the same precision as the original OEM, they guarantee a perfect fit for your UV light filtration system.

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1 of 1 Items

At, we understand the importance of quality and effectiveness. That's why we've paid special attention to every detail and formulation of these bulbs and lamps. Rest assured, they will maximize the life and performance of your UV light system.
With an impressive lifespan of 12,000 hours, you can enjoy long-lasting air purification without worrying about frequent replacements. Plus, we offer a 1-year warranty (pro-rated after 90 days) on all our bulbs and lamps, ensuring your peace of mind.
For even greater value, consider our 2-year replacement lamps option. Just indicate your preference during checkout and enjoy extended protection for your UV light system.
Experience cleaner, fresher air with the Pristine Air UV Light Replacement Bulbs & Lamps from Upgrade your UV light filtration system today and breathe easy knowing you have the best in quality and performance.