Sta-Med Electronic Air Cleaner Replacement Pads - 3 Changes

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Product Description


These Sta-Med replacement pads fit any 1” electronic air cleaner, with a center charging screen and a model designation of Cimatec Airscreen 1000, Amana A1EAC, Goodman G1EAC, Totaline Star Series CG1000, Respicaire or ESSA. When used in these filters, the pads effortlessly trap airborne particles smaller than .03 microns in size. The pads also have very low pressure drop, which means they SAVE MONEY in furnace operating costs.

Save $5.00 by ordering 4 sets for the Sta-Med Air Cleaner. 



1. High-Quality Replacement Pads: Ensure optimal performance and longevity for your Sta-Med Electronic Air Cleaner with our meticulously formulated replacement pads.
2. Exact Fit Guarantee: Our replacement pads are guaranteed to be an exact fit for your UV light filtration system, providing peace of mind and hassle-free installation.
3. Professional Formulation: Meticulously formulated to maintain the quality, effectiveness, and life of your UV light filtration system.
4. Pro-Rated Warranty: Benefit from a pro-rated warranty after 90 days, offering continued support and assurance for your investment.
5. Precision Detailing: Our replacement pads are crafted with special attention to detail, ensuring reliable filtration and air purification.


Introducing the Sta-Med Electronic Air Cleaner Replacement Pads - 3 Changes

The ultimate solution for maintaining clean and purified air in your home. These replacement filter pads from are meticulously formulated to match the quality and performance of the original OEM pads, ensuring a perfect fit for your UV light filtration system.

Invest in the Sta-Med Electronic Air Cleaner Replacement Pads - 3 Changes from today and experience the difference in air quality. Breathe easy knowing that you're getting a product that is expertly crafted to maximize performance and ensure a healthier living environment.