Sun-Pure SP20 SP20-C 1RK006 2 UV Light Bulb and Filter Kit - TFZ-14/F

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Product Description


Ultra-Sun Sun-Pure SP-20 SP-20C Trio-1000P Ultraviolet Air Purifier Replacement Kit with (2) UV Lamps 1RK006

1RK006 Kit includes Pre-Filter, Mini Pleat, Carbon Filters Plus 2 replacement UV Bulbs for the Ultra-Sun Sun-Pure SP-20 SP-20C Trio-1000P

The Ultra-Sun Sun-Pure SP-20 SP-20C Trio-1000P System with Part Number 1RK006 will restore your systems operation like new.  


Warning: Ultraviolet Germicidal UVC light is harmful and dangerous to your eyes and skin. Please Use safety gear during installation.
It is recommended that you have your local Heating and Cooling Service Company install your new bulb to help correct professional installation